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B.A.S.H. Competition Rules 
Click here to see the beer score sheet that will be used to judge B.A.S.H. competitions. 

BASH Brewer of the Year Competition Rules (updated December 2017)
  • Purpose of competitions is to help educate club members in the styles of beer/mead/etc. and to recognize significant areas of style quality to improve the quality of beer brewing.

  • Club Competitions Director will propose brewing styles for each competition subject to vote of the club. Styles should be listed for 3 years out with update annually. One competition each year must be extract only (minimum 50% extract), any style.

  • To enter, all must be a current member up to date with dues.

  • All containers are acceptable. Minimum total quantity of two (2) bottles of beer/mead/etc. must be provided.

  •  Judges may be any club member in good standing who is willing to taste all competitors’ entries and who has completed BJCP or club judge training.

  • A minimum of two member/team’s entries is necessary for a competition to be held.

  • Each member/team may enter one or more entries for each competition.

  • Points awarded are based on the number of members/teams entering, not the number of beers entered. First place is awarded 3 points, second place is awarded 2 points, and third place is awarded 1 point. If there are only 3 entries, each entry will receive points based on their placing (3/2/1) unless only two members/teams submitted the three beers. In that case, first place would be 2 points, second place 1 point and third place no points. In the case of two beers/two members/teams, 2 points for first and 1 for second. In the event of only one member/team entering, only 1 point will be awarded regardless of how many beers the member/team enters.

  • Each entry must have the BASH bottle label.

  • If an entry is entered as a team effort, points will be awarded to the team not the individual members of the team. Points so earned cannot be used by a team member who later enters beers individually. Team entries are only accepted if team members are substantial participant in the brewing process (i.e., can’t just buy grain and drop it off, etc.).

  • Family entries receiving points will have the points credited to the dues paying member. If both individuals pay dues then the points will be treated as a team entry.

  • Members/teams are not required to declare any assistance in brewing.

  • The Vice President is responsible for procuring and providing required paperwork for competitions.

BASH Best of Show Addendum Rules (updated December 2017)


  • Competitions will be in tandem. Brewer of the Year will be simultaneous with Best of Show.

  • Brewer of the Year will be the resulting point earner who competes in the bi-monthly specific competitions and will be accorded alll honors set in the rules.

  • Best of Show Brewer will be the brewer who compiles the most points in all open and style specific competitions throughout the year. They will be recognized by the club at the December meeting and will be noted on a plaque at a site to be determined.

  • To meet these goals, the club will maintain a listing of specific categories in which the Brewer of the Year will be judged. The Club will also keep a running total of points assigned for open competitions for Best of Show.

  • Each competition is limited to current members. Beers in the Brewer of the Year style will be judged and awarded points as set in the rules. For purposes of Best of Show, Brewer of the Year beers and all other styles will be combined and awarded points based on the reverse positioning of their place; i.e., Six beers entered (including Brewer of the Year category beers), top scoring beer awarded 6 points, second top 5 pts., etc. Best of Show points will be awarded in the order of finish to beers scoring 30 points or more. Beers below 30 points will be awarded 1 point only for participation.

  • Any entrant who earns more than 1 point in Best of Show may not re-enter that beer in any club competition during the same calendar year.

BASH Revised Rules, Dec 2018

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1)  Best of Show Program is cancelled.  There will be 6 competitions for Brewer of the Year annually beginning in August continuing through June of the following year.

2)  Any homebrew not previously judged at higher than 1 point may be entered;  except for extract only/low or high gravity where all entries must meet the stated criteria.  Points will be awarded as in past Brewer of the Year rules; except, for each competition, the Club will designate a BJCP Style in advance and anyone brewing that style will receive double points for Brewer of the Year.  Beer placing will be done by judge's score.

3)  All members are eligible to judge.  Style parameters will be briefed for each beer style before judging.  BJCP judges will provide verbal comments to all brewers if desired.

4)  Vice President for Competitions will promulgate a schedule for dates and designated BJCP styles for three years out.  Updates will be done annually at the end of the competition cycle in June.

5)  The winning beer in each competition will be saved (an additional bottle will be collected by the VP for Competitions) and, after 3 competitions, an offsite full BJCP judging will be held.  This judging shall be registered with BJCP as a closed competition.  The winner of this summary competition will be reported and appear in Zymergy.  No additional points for Brewer of the Year will be awarded.  Example:  Competitions in February, April and June will be judged at the meeting each month.  A club only competition will be registered with BJCP for June dated after the regular June meeting.  Winning beer for each bimonthly competition will be judged (3 beers total).  In June, BJCP Judges will meet to judge the three winners.  The winning brewer's name will be reported as best of show for this competition.  

6) 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines are at:

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