Iron Mash

First Saturday in November

B&J's Pizza

6662 S. Staples


1st Saturday in November


Each year, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) sponsors "Learn To Homebrew Day" on the first Saturday in November. B.A.S.H. participates with a team brewing competition known as "Iron Mash" in Corpus Christi on the patio at B&J's Brew Pub on Staples at Timbergate. Originally conceived as a vehicle to demonstrate the techniques of homebrewing, Iron Mash has evolved into one of the most anticipated events in our annual calendar.


Up to five teams compete for the Iron Mash trophy and the coveted individual medallions. The organizers select a style of beer which all teams must brew. Then at the stroke of 12 noon, the secret ingredients are revealed. Teams have 30 minutes to formulate a recipe and declare any substyle they will brew.They then brew their beers to demonstrate how the techniques of homebrewing are used. At the end of the brew, they transport their creations home to ferment and age. The beers will be judged at the January B.A.S.H. meeting by a panel of experts who will select the beer that most closely meets the style guidelines as the Iron Mash winner. Samples will then be available for all to taste.


The general public is invited to B&J's to observe and ask questions during the brew. We hope to see you there as it is a great way to see just what is involved in homebrewing and how simple the task really is.

Tom Freund
Iron Mash Founder

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