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Blogs and More 
Cool Apps
  • Brew Guru - Over 1,000 homebrew recipes at your fingertips. Discounts at breweries, taprooms and homebrew shop.

  • Untappd - Platform for beer drinkers to find and rate new and familiar beers. Geosocial networking for beer lovers!

  • Taphunter - Find local bars, restaurants, tasting rooms, and bottle shops around you and wherever you go. 

  • iBrewMaster 2 - One of the most complete brewing apps available. 

  • BeerAdvocate - Browse beer styles, beer listings, news, places and events, and share them with your friends

  • BJCP Styles - In-depth and portable handbook on beer styles according to the BJCP.  Available on iOS and Android.

Just for Fun
  • Hop Culture - Blog with an interesting mix of articles discussing all things beer 

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