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August 2023 Meeting Minutes

John and Susan Fulton hosted the August, 2023 B.A.S.H. meeting on Sunday the 13th at their home in Rockport. Chef Lou Needleman co-hosted.

President Jack Heim called the meeting to order and thanked our hosts. Kathy Clark presented the Treasurer’s report.

In his secretary’s report, Wild Bill Lehfeld reviewed upcoming meeting hosts and competitions. Our tally of brewing volume for July, 2023 was as follows: Chris Ackman – 5 gallons, Dave/Kathy Clark – 5 gallons, John – 10 gallons, Wild Bill – 2.5 gallons, Tom Ormrod – 28.5 gallons, Andy Vaughn – 5 gallons. YTD totals for 2023: Chris Ackman – 20 gallons, Vic Aguilar – 44 gallons, Roger Barnaby – 5 gallons, Big Brew – 15 gallons, Dave & Kathy Clark – 10 gallons, Walt Crawford – 5 gallons, Jason Fransham – 41 gallons, John Fulton – 10 gallons, Nick Jones – 5 gallons, Sabrina Krueger – 18.5, Wild Bill Lehfeld– 17.5 gallons, Tom Ormrod – 96 gallons, Jay Porterfield – 6 gallons, Andy Vaughn – 40 gallons. Total YTD = 333 gallons beer.

In new business, we discussed the upcoming KEDT-TV Classic Brew and Iron Mash XX.

The competition this month was open to any style, with British Golden Ale (BJCP 12A) the featured style. With five competitors, the winning beer receives three Homebrewer of the Year points (doubled for British Golden Ale), 2nd place receives two HBOY points (doubled for British Golden Ale), third place receives one HBOY point (doubled for British Golden Ale) and 4th place and beyond receive no points. Eight beers were entered. Judges’ results were as follows:

  1. Jason Fransham – Belgian Tripel (BJCP 26C) 37.8/50 – 3 HBOY points

  2. John Fulton – Irish Red Ale (BJCP 15A) 35.7/50 – 2 HBOY points

  3. (3 Tie) Wild Bill Lehfeld -- British Golden Ale (BJCP 12A) 35.2/50 – 1 HBOY points

  4. (3 Tie) Wild Bill Lehfeld – Biere de Garde (BJCP 24C) 35.2/50 – 0.5 HBOY points

  5. John Fulton – American Wheat Beer (BJCP 1D) 33.3/50 – 0 HBOY points

  6. Chris Ackman -- British Golden Ale (BJCP 12A) 30.2/50 – 0 HBOY points

  7. Andy Vaughn – American Lager (BJCP 1B) 28.8/50 – 0 HBOY points

  8. Jason Fransham -- British Golden Ale (BJCP 12A) 20.7/50 – 0 HBOY points

As we feasted on Lou’s Indian banquet, we enjoyed the competition beers, the last of Big Brew’s Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale, miscellaneous homebrews and interesting commercial beers from Dave Clark (Stella Artois Liberte N/A), Tim Grace (Roadmap Ballyseede Irish Red), Jack (Odell Myrcenary Double IPA), Phil Sims (Roughtail Hoptometrist Double IPA) and Andy (Double Nickle Seventh Snooze New Zealand Pale Ale/Port City Ways And Means Session IPA).

One interesting comment was overheard from Andy: “They were heavy drinkers and that’s why they were friends with us”.


  • 23-Aug-23: Classic Brew tapper orientation (KEDT, Staples & Kostoryz, 5:30 – 6:00 pm)

  • 10-Sep-23: B.A.S.H. meeting (Mark Woerner)

  • 7-Sep-23: Classic Brew (Museum of Science and History, 7:00 – 9:30 pm)

  • 8-Oct-23: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: Extract Challenge >50%)

  • 4-Nov-23: Iron Mash XX (Lazy Beach Brewing?)

  • 12-Nov-23: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: Irish Red Ale, BJCP 15A)

  • 10-Dec-23: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host)

  • 14-Jan-24: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host)

  • 11-Feb-24: Super Bowl LVIII

  • 18-Feb-24: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: German Leichtbier/Kolsch, BJCP 5A-B)

Thanks again John, Susan and Lou, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you at Mark Woerner’s!

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