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December 2018 Minutes

Carroll and Judy Pate hosted the December 2018 meeting at their home in Calallen, Corpus Christi Tx. El Presedente’ Mike Wojdywla called the meeting to order thanked our hosts.  Treasurer Paul Holder, masquerading as Tom Freund, gave his usual glowing report.

Secretary Paul Holder, masquerading as Wild Bill Lefeld, gave the minutes of the November meeting which hadn’t been posted since the competition results had not been turned in.

We welcomed three new attendees, Juan Rios, Eddie Rios and Nicholes Klecha, who currently live in Kingsville.  

Jim Hildreth did a Northern Brewer Black IPA Kit Demo for the club.  Steeping grains with malt extract and lots of hops. We look forward to the results next meeting.

Old Business:  Competition Results would have been announced but the officers responsible didn’t provide them.  Final year end totals will be out at the January meeting.

New Business: As a result of a resolution at the November meeting, we began a discussion of why the attendance is declining.  We identified 4 areas that should be addressed: 1) how can we increase attendance, 2) How can we improve competitions, 3) How can we increase the number of members who actively brew and 4) how can we provide the best educational service to our members?

The membership agreed that this fell into the one year review that we discussed after our last major revision to the competition program and needed to be addressed.,  After a long period of discussion of how we did it in the past and what had worked, we agreed unanimously that we needed to move judging to the whole club judging that we had in the past and that BJCP Judges should have a major role to play in the education of the club and the results of competitions.  This means judging at meetings and scheduling food around the judging as we have done in the past.

A committee was formed to meet at B&J’s Pizza, SPID, Monday, 17 December at 7 PM to develop a proposal for future competitions.  Any club member who wish to contribute are invited to attend and contribute. The committee is tasked to develop a competition program for the next year (and after if successful).

By then the food was cold (really just warm as Judy really took care of us) and we adjourned to feast on the briquet and beans that we had all been craving.  I was worth the wait and, to be honest, some of the info above was shared in the post prandial discussions that evolved. We closed out the evening with the following new homebrews: an ESB from John fulton, a mead from Maek Quade, a Brown from Carroll Pate (made with brown ale malt) and a Dunkel Weiss from Paul Holder.  At the very end, we held a toast for Daniel Nutting who has just received his U.S. Citizenship. Congratulations, Daniel and don’t forget to vote.

Our only quote (sort of) is from Pres Mikey: “My roof fell in,  I still have missing drywall and why does all this club stuff have to happen this year: “     (Author’s comment: “Only those who can handle adversity, have adversity.”, Texas Strong).

Upcoming B.A.S.H. events:

12 December Education Event, Recipe Development (CC Homebrew Supply)

17 December, 7 PM, BASH Committee Meeting B&J’s Pizza  Beer Competion Program

13-Jan-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (Tom Freund, Iron Mash XV judging)

10-Feb-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (Jack Baker’s? competition BOS open/HBOY saison, BJCP 25B)

14 Jul 19: B,A.S.H. meeting ( B&J’s Pizza Brew Pub hosted by Paul Holder.  No competition)

Thanks again Carroll and Judy, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you at Tom’s !

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