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January 2022 Meeting Minutes

Walt and Judy Crawford hosted the January, 2022 B.A.S.H. meeting on Sunday the 9th at their home in King’s Crossing.

President Lara Busch called the meeting to order and thanked our hosts. Walt presented another super treasury report. We have 43 paid members. We discussed possible pool venues for the upcoming June and August meetings. Mary Kay Schultz reminded us of the upcoming social at Hook and Ladder Brewing in Aransas Pass at 5:00 p.m. on Friday the 14th. Homebrew is allowed!

In old business, the AHA has published new 2021 BJCP guidelines. We decided to implement these beginning with the upcoming August competition. Chris Ackman reported on the online survey for an additional club logo. Option #3 was the most popular. We voted to include 10-15 minute brewing education presentations at non-competition meetings, beginning in March. We decided to request RSVPs in future meeting announcements to help the hosts plan food preparation. There was no competition this month.

As we enjoyed a pasta bar we tasted last November’s Iron Mash XVIII beers by Victor Aguilar and Jack Heim, as well as new homebrews by Paul Holder (Blind Pig IPA clone/Cubano), Tom Ormrod (Belgian Tripel with honey) and Adan Suarez (Belgian Tripel). Interesting commercial beers included Lara’s Hopworks Ferocious Citrus Blood Orange IPA, John Fulton’s Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing Imperial IPA, Tim Grace’s Polyanna Lexical Gap IPA, Adam Klager’s Sierra Nevada Powder Day Double Dry-Hopped IPA, Richard Ramos’ Lazy Beach Mosaic IPA and Mark Woerner’s Saloon Door Hot Rock Ale.


  • 20-Feb-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (Chris Ackman, competition: Irish stout, BJCP 15B, NOTE: 3RD SUNDAY)

  • 13-Mar-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (James Fowler)

  • 10-Apr-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (Tim Grace/Mary Kay Schultz, competition: Low Gravity Challenge <5% ABV Must Provide OG/FG)

  • 7-May-22: Big Brew and brewing equipment swap meet (B&J’s Pizza on Staples at Timbergate)

  • 15-May-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (Jack Baker, NOTE: 3RD SUNDAY)

  • 12-Jun-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: Czech pale lager/premium pale lager, BJCP 3A-B)

  • 10-Jul-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (B&J’s Pizza on Staples at Timbergate, hosted by Paul Holder)

  • 14-Aug-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: American Blonde Ale/Pale Ale, BJCP 18A-B)

Thanks again Walt and Judy, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you at Ackmans!

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