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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

John and Nikki Daniels hosted the May, 2022 B.A.S.H. meeting on Sunday the 15th at their home in Rockport.

Secretary Wild Bill Lehfeld called the meeting to order and thanked our hosts. The club’s treasury remains sound. The Iron Mash plaque has been engraved with the 2021 team names and is hanging proudly at Lazy Beach Brewing. Paul Holder has an insurmountable lead in the 2022 Homebrewer of the Year race with one competition remaining. He was presented with the rotating B.A.S.H. Cup and his name is engraved on the HBOY plaque at B&J’s Pizza on SPID. Our Big Brew and swap meet was well attended. The resulting American lager and Imperial porter will be available for quaffing at the July meeting.

We nominated a slate of officers for the 2023 fiscal year which begins in July – Vic Aguilar (President), Mark Woerner (VP for Competitions), Mary Kay Schultz (VP for Social Events), Elizabeth Ackman (VP for Social Media), Walt Crawford (Treasurer), Wild Bill (Secretary) and Chris Ackman (Webmeister). We will vote at the June meeting.

In new business, we voted to begin (in July) tracking gallons brewed by the club and report the total in the monthly meeting minutes. Work on the new club logo is still in progress. We discussed allowing future meeting hosts to pick their own start times. We plan to discuss this further in June.

There was no competition this month. Paul presented an educational tasting of two otherwise identical cream ales, one fermented at conventional temperatures with White Labs liquid California ale yeast and one fermented at garage temperatures (up to 90F) with Lallemand Voss Kveik dry yeast. The Kveik example was preferred, with orangey citrus notes. John and Nikki educated us about necking knobs …

As we enjoyed Nikki’s INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS taco salad, we drank new homebrews from Richard Ramos (west coast IPA with and without bourbon-soaked oak chips/mango SMASH IPA). Interesting commercial beers the Ackman’s Belching Beaver Phantom Bride IPA/Goose Island IPA, John Fulton’s Freetail Texicali Brown Ale, Jack Heim’s Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA/Abita Jockamo Juicy IPA and Mark’s Saloon Door Imperial Hot Rock Beer.

As the beer flowed, the usual interesting comments were overheard:

Karen – “I use Jack … been usin’ him for years!”

Jack – “My doctor told me to quit drinking beer” All – “Get a new doctor!”

John – “If you don’t have a sock, use a softball”


  • 12-Jun-22: B.A.S.H. meeting AND POOL PARTY (Jacob Dunson/Cindy Crye, competition: Czech pale lager/premium pale lager, BJCP 3A-B)

  • 10-Jul-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (B&J’s Pizza on Staples at Timbergate, hosted by Paul Holder)

  • 14-Aug-22: B.A.S.H. meeting AND POOL PARTY (Dave/Kathy Clark, competition: Extract Challenge > 50% extract)

  • 11-Sep-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (John/Susan Fulton)

  • 9-Oct-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (Mark Woerner, competition: Weissbier, BJCP 10A)

  • 5-Nov-22: Iron Mash XIX

  • 13-Nov-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: Old Ale/Wee Heavy Ale, BJCP 17B-C)

  • 11-Dec-22: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host)

Thanks again John and Nikki, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you at Jacob and Cindy’s!

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