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June 2019 AHA Sanctioned Competition Results

An AHA sanctioned B.A.S.H. club-only competition was held on Tuesday, June 11 at Lazy Beach Brewing Company. This competition pitted the winners from the February, May and June club-only competitions held during regular monthly meetings. The BJCP judges were Steve Cook, Jeremy Van Horn, Paul Holder and Cory Mathews. Results were as follows:

  1. Rye IPA (BJCP 21B) brewed by Jeff Spirko – 35.0/50

  2. Ordinary Bitter (BJCP11A) brewed by John Fulton – 32.5/50

  3. Saison (BJCP) brewed by Wild Bill Lehfeld – 21.7/50

Jeff’s Rye IPA is thus the winner and his name will appear in a future issue of Zymurgy Magazine. Congratulations, Jeff! Each brewer received feedback in the form of BJCP beer score sheets filled out by each judge.

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