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November 2019 AHA Sanctioned Competition Results

An AHA sanctioned B.A.S.H. club-only competition was held on Wednesday, November 13 at CC Homebrew Supply. This competition pitted the winners from the August, October and November competitions held during regular monthly meetings. The BJCP judges were Jeremy Van Horn, Paul Holder and Cory Mathews. Aggie Bill Hughen and Drew Burkhardt also judged. Results were as follows:

  1. Trappist Single ale (BJCP 26A) brewed by Wild Bill Lehfeld – 35.2/50

  2. Saison (BJCP 25B) brewed by Wild Bill Lehfeld – 33.8/50

  3. American Barleywine (BJCP 22C) brewed by Mark Quade – 22.6/50

Wild Bill’s Trappist Single is thus the winner and his name will appear in a future issue of Zymurgy Magazine. Congratulations, Wild Bill! Each brewer received feedback in the form of BJCP beer score sheets filled out by each judge.

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