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August 2019 Meeting Minutes

William Lee hosted the August, 2019 B.A.S.H. meeting on Sunday the 11th at his home (and pool) in Corpus Christi. The competition this month was open to any beer style. The declared style for Homebrewer of the Year was Extract Challenge, > 51% extract. With four competitors, the winning beer receives 3 HBOY points (doubled if it is of the declared style), 2nd place receives two HBOY points (doubled if of the declared style) and third place receives one HBOY point (doubled if of the declared style). Judges scores for the six entries were as follows:

  1. Wild Bill Lehfeld – Extract Saison (BJCP 25B) 39.6/50 – 6 HBOY points

  2. Wild Bill Lehfeld – Extract Altbier (BJCP 7B) 38.3/50 – 4 HBOY points

  3. John Fulton – Irish Red Ale (BJCP 15A) 37.0/50 – 1 HBOY point

  4. Jeff Spirko – Extract Black IPA (BJCP 21B) 34.2/50 – 0 HBOY points

  5. Wild Bill Lehfeld – Extract Double IPA (BJCP 22A) 33.5/50 – 0 HBOY points

  6. William Lee – Extract Old Ale (BJCP 17B) 27.6/50 – 0 HBOY points

Wild Bill’s Extract Saison thus advances to the upcoming Best Of Show round.

After the competition, El Presidente Mike forced everyone into the pool and called the aquatic meeting to order, thanking host William and welcoming guest Ron. Treasurer Walt Crawford reported we have 18 paid members so far for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Vice President Of Social Events Mary Kay Schultz reported on the social which was held on Sunday, August 4. About ten attendees were treated to a tour of Nueces Brewing and a Corpus Christi Hooks victory. Tom Freund again reminded everyone of November’s Iron Mash competition (no more than 4 members per team). John gave a demo of reusable plastic caps for screw top beer bottles.

As we devoured William’s ribs and pulled pork we enjoyed his bock and his and Tim Grace’s Big Brew American blonde ale on draft. Besides the competition beers, we also enjoyed Paul Holder’s Belgian pale ale in a bottle. Interesting commercial beers included Tom’s Alaskan Amber, Rocky Freund’s Freetail Bat Outta Helles, Tim and Mary Kay’s Oak Park IPA and miscellaneous cans of Founder’s, Twisted X and Southern Star offerings.

(As we all know, you can’t serve as a competition judge if you have a beer entered. Since John had a beer entered, he decided to join the water rats and have a beer in the pool. While changing into his swimsuit in a bathroom, he accidentally locked himself in. Mike Wojdyla received a text a minute or so later while helping with the competition, which he ignored. When he received a second text a minute later he decided to read them both. The 1st text from john said “Help! I’m locked in the bathroom!” The 2nd text said “This is not a joke!” Mike and William then rescued John, but only because his Irish red ale was so tasty!)

Upcoming B.A.S.H. events:

8-Sep-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (Mark Woerner)

29-Sep-19: Social (Clent Mericle’s Twisted Saloon)

13-Oct-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: märzen, BJCP 6A)

2-Nov-19: Iron Mash XVI (team brewing competition)

10-Nov-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (Jack Heim, competition: English barleywine, BJCP17D/American barleywine, BJCP22C)

8-Dec-19: B.A.S.H. meeting (Carroll Pate, brewing demonstration?)

12-Jan-20: B.A.S.H. meeting (Tom Freund, Iron Mash XVI judging)

9-Feb-20: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: lambic, BJCP 23D)

8-Mar-20: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, brewing demonstration?)

12-Apr-20: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition: blonde ale, BJCP 18A/American pale ale, BJCP 18B)

Thanks again William, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see at Mark Woerner's!

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